We're sure that you'll enjoy a visit to Cleatham Trout Fishery but, like all fisheries, we ask clients to observe a few simple rules. Most of these are in the interests of the fish, the waters, or consideration for other clients; so they shouldn't interfere at all with your fishing enjoyment.

Fishery rules
No fish over 3lb to be taken - Max limit catch & release = 20
No littering
No wading or swimming
All anglers must have a landing net and a priest.
Only fly fishing is allowed at the fishery.
No fish to be caught and killed to meet the quota of other anglers.
By paying for a day's fishing, you undertake to accept and abide by the fishery rules.
If you break these rules we regret that you will be asked to leave the fishery without a refund.
The management take no responsibility for any circumstances affecting the lake or fishing that are beyond their control.
To the extent permissible by law, all liability for loss or damage is expressly excluded. The courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction.
It is the responsibility of all anglers to hold a valid rod licence. Rod licences are available online at Gov.UK.
Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
'Boobie' flies may only be used if 'floated' on the surface.
In the interests of sportsmanship we reserve the right to check anglerís bags/catches at random.
The fishery gates are opened at 8.30 am and closed 6.30 pm in summer. Opened 8.30 am and closed 4.30 pm in winter
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